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Devblog 08-01-2021

Our first Devblog !

We are working each day on our bots making them faster and with less problems.

Here a list of the updates/patch done in the last month.

Added :

Added Trustpilot

Made Payoneer cashout automaticly sent each 5mins.

Added "Random craft hat" option.

Redo the whole inventory page adding the option "List".

Additionally to new list function: added notification per item when its not the lowest on sale.

Steamrep users not being able to deposit, can still buy but cannot sell on our site.

Script that remove all paint from picture of the home page item if some of the items on sale doesnt have paint.

Patch list :

Made that people that doesnt have enough money automatically hide buy order that they cant afford.

Fixing Haunted Ghost items showing as "haunted".

Deal section fully fixed and show good price of

Thumbnail of items when sending to twitter,discord wasnt working on keys and items with more than 5000 items.



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