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Acquiring More Moderators


Hello Mannco Ladies & Gents!


Hope you are having a wonderful start of the week! We're here to ask you if you can help us with the following. If you don't think you are the one to help us with Mannco, maybe you know someone who is. Then feel free to forward him to this blog.

As we've seen a lot of growth over the past months and our mission is to always be there for your questions or issues you come across by using Mannco, we could use some extra hands.

You as user deserve to be treatened well, and therefore we should always have moderators ready to help you within a timely manner.

We always shared our Staff Applications Form in Mannco discord and were announcing it whenever we felt was the best time for people to apply but we felt the best thing to do is move our staff applications into the main site aswell so it can be reached by more people and get more potential suitable candidates for open positions.

At the moment we have 1 position available which is Site Moderator (more positions might come in the future while we're working on expansion, and are foreseeing lots of growth).



Site Moderator: Open.

Social Media Moderator: Closed.

Community Manager: Not accepting Applications to this position.



Now what will you be doing as a Site Moderator at

- You will have internal discussions with staff about the future and go-arounds on;

- Answer Support Tickets on a daily bases;

- Have conversations and answer questions in Discord;

- Identify issues and help improve;

- Be a respective and reputable moderator 



There are a few requirements for this position:

- You must be atleast 18 years old to become a moderator. 

- You are not trade banned or found guilty of being a scammer and there's no serious alegations of you being a scammer;

- You must have used in the past and be familiar with how it functions;

- Your Steam account has to be at least 1 year old.

(Optional) Be known in the community by being active in our discord servers.



Here is what we expect from you as a candidate:

- Be polite and friendly to everyone you encounter staying always professional;

- You are a Teamplayer;

- You come across Persuasively;

- Strong reasoning skills;

- Strong understanding of the Site rules. Read -;

- Actively participating within the community;

- You are aware of your position in the community.



If you feel like you meet these requirements please submit here:


All the applications will be reviewed by our Community Manager Pixxi0us, who will decide if you are the right candidate whether or not. Please do not message other staff members regarding your application. 

Trying to speed up the process by doing so will show lack of patience from your side which will have a negative impact on our decision whether you're the right candidate.


- Low effort applications will not be considered or even read. -

These applications can be left up to review for weeks if not months. If your application is eventually accepted, Pixxi0us will add you on steam to give you further information and add you to a private staff discord server.


Wishing you the best of luck in hopefully strengthening Mannco Team in the near Future!


~Mannco Staff

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