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Inspired by A. Schwarzenegger's Rule #6: ''Give something Back''


We have promised you this...

There we are again ladies & gents with an Awesome New Giveaway!

Yes, yes, yes, since last giveaway was an absolute Succes, we have promised you to do another BIG Giveaway.

And here we are, good that you’re reading, because if you're reading this, you will have an edge over the other people who don’t know anything about this giveaway, other than just checking it’s banner.



When does this Giveaway start?

The Giveaway will be running from 12 March to 12 April 2021. After that the winners will be chosen and the prizes will be sent out to each individual winner.

We have once again made sure that this Giveaway there will be a Boatload of winners so as usual, big chances are that when you join the Giveaway, you will also be getting an item. And we can assure you that you would love the item(s) if you win!

To be specific on the winners amount right away, there will be 103 WINNERS! What a surprise ;-).

We will launch the giveaway through Gleam, which has been the best option for years and makes win chances depend on entries and actions you take. In short, it is totally up to you if you have a higher win chance or end up with having a lower win chance. But don’t worry, we’ll make plenty of entry possibilities, so you can do as much as you want to win one of these sexy prizes.



What are these awesome prizes!?

Well… Something is quite different, different than the last giveaway we’ve hosted. This time we’ve turned sides.

You will know exactly what the 100 prizes are, however, the First, Second and Third prize will be TOP SECRET!
We will assure you that you really want to win one of these 3 Big Top Secret Prizes.

This Giveaway is from another level, therefore we are already wishing you the best of luck in winning one of these 3 Big Prizes!


To get yourself in for this FIRST Big Place. You can do (one or more) of the following.


1.       Write a Blog and publish it somewhere people can find it

2.       Create a Guide on Steam and publish it.

3.       Create an awesome artwork and publish it anywhere you wish (Steam / Social Media’s)


ANY of these up here subjects should be about Ofcourse there’s plenty of possibillities to write/make.

We’ll give you few examples:  #How to make profit on, #How to use, or #What items to buy.

We’re sure you can think of a nice topic yourself.

The best one will be rewarded heavily!



The 2nd and 3rd Big Top Secret Prizes.

To win one of these Awesome Prizes, you can make a video about, once again, choose a topic yourself around the site/community.

If you can’t think of any topic, see if you can get some inspiration out of other videos, or see if the topics mentioned on the first prize suits your skills.

Make the best out of it and you will be heavily rewarded!

If there’s multiple awesome blogs/artworks/guides and/or video’s, we can choose to reward the ones that didn’t come at first place, like we did with our last giveaway.

If we see you’ve put efford into creating something nice, big chances are you will be rewarded!! We are not bad people ;-).



100 Entry Winners...!

Well… After that, there will be 100 Winners randomly picked by Gleam. Each of these winners will receive one out of the following prizes:

·  1x Max Head

·  4x Earbuds

·  5x Bill's hat

·  20x Mann Co. Supply Crate Key

·  20x Tour of Duty Ticket

·  50x Random Craft Hat

Of course, those with the most entries, will have the biggest chances to win a lovely prize.



Are you Losing Giveaway's..?

We get people saying: ''I always lose giveaway's'', ''I will never win a single Giveaway''.

Our question then is, did you do the survey's? Did you increase your entries as much as you could?

If you feel like losing Giveaways everytime and want to heavily increase your chances, make sure you go for those first 3 Top Prizes.

That’s where you can make the difference and have a big edge over other people that join the giveaway’s.


We’ve once again filled this giveaway with lots of surveys, containing daily surveys which can increase your chances by a lot.

There’s people around that are lazy to put time into ‘’having a chance’’ at winning a giveaway, however, this can give you an edge if you put your time into it and make the best out of this giveaway.

We're really trying to get as many people as possible rewarded, which is why we have 103 prizes ready in this Giveaway.


We’re honestly hoping that you’ll like this giveaway as much as the last one, and we’re somewhat sure you will, especially when you see those 3 TOP Secret Prizes at the 12th of April 2021.



Making the best out of 2021!

We have plenty of updates in mind for 2021, some almost ready, some still have a long way to go, but know that we're building and won't let you down. We'll keep enhancing Mannco!

That said, we as Team are wishing you the best of luck in this Giveaway!

~You asked, we implemented.



Join here:


This giveaway has been Inspired by A. Schwarzenegger’s Rule #6: ‘’Give something Back!’’  

#You as our Community Member has brought us where we are at now, we encourage you to keep being part of this Mannco Community and therefore we’re always trying to get the lowest prices for customers by having the lowest commissions for sellers.

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