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Happy New Year & Merry Christmas Ya'll !


Smissmas is here and the year is almost over!

2021 has been a massive year for and we can’t thank you enough for supporting us in bringing the best experience we possibly can.

Before the year ends, we'll take you through a few projects we have been working on, improving Mannco.



Accepting Crypto Deposits

Many people in the community were crying out for a way to be able to use cryptocurrencies on the site, and with how Crypto is becoming increasingly relevant in today’s world, we have taken our first step towards integrating them.

It is now possible to make deposits using many different cryptocurrencies!

Dozens of currencies are currently supported including:

- Bitcoin

- Cardano

- Ethereum



- SHIBA INU (more on this later)

- And yes, even Dogecoin!

This will obviously increase sales volume on, benefitting buyers & sellers. And, in the future we might be able to also offer Crypto Cashouts.



Burning 30% of Shiba Inu Revenue

Following on from the crypto announcement, we are also now supporting the most ambitious Cryptocurrency of 2021!

Shiba Inu has broken all records within a very short time. It now is widely accepted by loads of companies, growing litteraly every day. It has seen 1,000,000%+ returns from its infancy since August 2020.

As we'd love to bring more Crypto volume into, we thought it was a good idea to take it a step further.

We're not only supporting Shiba Inu, we're also helping with their mission as a deflationary token, aiming for a price of 0.01$ per $SHIB. We will be burning 30%(!!) of the revenue earned from Shiba Inu Payments on



#Tag your Favorite Youtuber has never seen a better year than 2021. Even though we have been dealing with an impressive amount of F(ear)U(ncertainty)D(oubt) -(accusations from 'sketchy' site to 'sketchy owners'), we've seen exponential growth which was only possible thanks to our amazing community.

Our main focus has always been you, the community, as we believe more players make for a better, much more fun experience playing games. As nobody likes playing with bots, do we?!

A big part of getting new players in and keeping the games alive are YouTubers!

To thank them, we have been giving presents out to established YouTubers in the games TF2 / CSGO / DOTA 2 and RUST, but there are many that haven’t got a present yet.

So, you guys need to help them by tagging them in our tweet!

The YouTuber will only get their present, if they respond (with his Official Twitter Account) with their Profile ID on the following tweet:

But what is in it for you, you're asking? Well, the YouTuber can also send the ID of ONE other community member in the same tweet. Obviously, we'll reward the referral too.



Smissmas TF2 Server Event

We have organised a Smissmas event on one of our private TF2 servers on Saturday the 18th of December with giveaways, games, and special guests! Note: Sign-ups are now closed!

The event will be organised as the following (all times in CET):

21.30 - 21.45 - staff will be gifting Secret Saxton’s to everyone in the server.

21.45 - 22.25 – Rock, Paper, Scissors Game - We will group up everyone in line and pick randomly 2 players to play against each other, first to 3 wins and go automatically to the next stage. We will do this with everyone in the server until we have left 2 players, the winner will receive a secret special prize.

22.30 - 22.40 - Smissmas Spirit - Everyone will have the chance to gift something as their choose to a person in the server. This can be anything really, what matters is that you at least gave something to someone.

22.45 – 23.15 - Game on a koth map – Just a simple koth game to chill around and play a bit together. This is boring? Well, of course we had to have something prepared for everyone. We have some special guests for this event, and you will have the chance to play and speak directly to them. “Who are they?” For now, that’s everything you need to know.

23.20 – onwards - Big Giveaway - You might have thought we were over with gifts but no, at the end of the event we will do a live giveaway for all the participants in the server so make sure you stay until the end.

The games will be hosted on a private server on special Smissmas Maps. Further information will be posted in private channels for the participants.



Mannco's Christmas/New Year Giveaway

We’re hosting a Giveaway to celebrate Christmas/New Year’s however, the prizes these time will be 100% SECRET! Nobody knows! Well… Except for some intern staff. However, that doesn’t mean the prizes suck, actually they’re better than ever(!!)
There’s plenty of FREE Surveys waiting for you to increase your chances on winning this Giveaway. Also we found it fun to let Content Creators go Brrrrrr on the Voiceline we’ve created for the 0% Buyer Fees Event from 27 December till 2 January.(more on this down below)

Basically creating your own video content around the Voiceline that’s in the video.

But yeah, basically AMAZING prizes waiting for winners!^^



0% Buyer Fees FULL WEEK(!)

We would love to end this year- and moreover, start the new year very positive, which is why we have decided to thank our amazing community with 0% commission for all buyers between Monday the 27th of December and Sunday the 2nd of January!

We trust that buyers & sellers will benefit from this full week of 0% Commission. Buyers will benefit as they will have 0% buying fees, and sellers will benefit as buyers are likely to spend more. This lowers the barrier for new buyers to enter, which we’re hoping to welcome as new users on



We’re hiring!

We are currently hiring more developers for our other project at Acuata INC. We are looking for people with experience in:





We are also looking for a Crypto software engineer.

All positions are 20-40 Hours a week from home (no fixed hours, you can work whenever you want). Please have your LinkedIn in hand and your résumé.

Please join the Discord ( and PM Alex (@AlexMannco#0001) if you are interested.


Again, Thank you for supporting us and continuing to help us making Mannco the best place for buying & selling items!



Happy Christmas and here’s to a great 2022!


~Mannco Staff Team

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