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The Future of Mannco Community


Good day best community of all existing communities! <3


First to say, we’re extremely happy to see the Halloween Update here! Always good to see that Valve is working towards new updates from time to time.

In our opinion, lots of awesome new effects and hats with our thanks to the creators!


We would like to share with you our thoughts about and where its heading.

But first, we want to say that we're very happy about how things go around with

Of course there's the daily routine going on everyday but our adminstrators are doing an awesome job in helping everybody the best they can on a very daily bases.



Increasing users volume

We are always thinking about how we can bring more users to, because that's what benefits all of you.

The more users there are, the more likely it is that your item will be sold, or on the buyers side, the more likely it is that you find a good price for an item you'd like to have.

Therefore our focus should always be to make more well-known than it currently is. If you have good idea's about this, please share it with us in our Discord.


We've seen a large amount of new users coming into our space in 2021 and we're happy to see increasing users volume every month.

You as our user can also help doing so by various things, such as advertising your Shop Link or sharing your thoughts about to others.


To increase the chances of you finding your beloved item, or selling your items, we're constantly sponsoring projects that we believe are good for the community.

This is not only good for, but it also keeps these projects alive in which we're indirectly keeping the game alive, as these projects/youtubers bring a lot of attention and use case to the game.

Therefore is ALWAYS interested in sponsoring Content Creators and Projects around the games we're offering support for.





Talking about this, we’ve rolled out a lot of sponsorships lately. We will be sponsoring the full ETF2L Season 40 aswell, so if you are a TF2 player and would like to play 6v6’s, make sure to sign-up. There’s a lot of money for the first 3 winning teams.

We can't say this enough! If you're a content creator or running a project/site, never hesitate to contact us to try and work something out, as Mannco is always interested.

We need to help each other to bring each other the best experience! Nobody wants to search hours for the items they want or pay a lot of money because there are just not many on sale. is there because we believe buyers shouldn’t pay too much for items and sellers shouldn’t pay a lot of taxes, missing out on their gains.




What have we been working on...

Now that's said, we would like to give you insights on what we've been working on and adressing over the past months.

Ofcourse we can't mention everything as you would stop reading, however, there are a few main things we like to mention.


- Firstly we've solved a bug that led to some people not receiving the items after purchasing. Since has gained a lot more attraction, maintenaince was very needed to solve these kind of issues for future progress and scalability.

- We've also seen an increase in people being scammed by Fake/Impersonation bots.

As we feel responsible for the safety of our users, we've done a lot of things to avoid these kind of scams, such as, but not limited to:

 * Added warning when signing-up on

 * Added warning when on deposit page of

 * Added warning on item checkout at

 * Created a Anti Scam Extension:


But as scams still happen we've now added all the Staff accounts to the Staff Page at

Ofcourse this won't prevent everyone from being scammed, however, we don't have much else we can do anymore, and do think it could atleast help people identifying the impersonators.

Other than that, we'd very much apreciate it if you turn on your 2-Factor-Authentication on, this takes a little more effort in return for a way more secure account.





We've also been (and still are) working on a very big project which has recently been announced, which is: Steamcollector. We think that this project will fill a nice place within the community which will help traders & customers to make decisions where to buy or sell items.

We think it can literally be the go-to-place for cross-game buyers & traders in the future of Steam Trading & Gaming.

We think this will be the perfect place for literally everyone in the Steam space.

This project will, in the long-run, also be very good for the users of More on that later...

Ofcourse we don’t reveal everything as some things we should just announce whenever they’re ready, however, as you’re used from us, we are working day (and sometimes night) to bring you the best we can!

For Steamcollector there is a whole lot of new things that are going to be added, but we chose to bring out this version as it can be of some use already and also because we would very much apreciate any feedback you have from the very start, so that we can enhance it the best we can with your support.




We are here to stay!

Over the past years there has been a lot of sites coming and going...

We're here to stay, feeling responsible about this community, and working towards filling any gap in the space by constantly updating and creating features.

As you know our main concern has always been to give the traders the best returns on their items aswell as buyers the cheapest available items.

That ofcourse is not easy to do, but we've achieved this by cutting in our own commissions, being the lowest of any other site out there.

This way traders are able to sell their items cheaper as they pay less fees, which results in buyers getting more for their money.


Everybody happy! ;-)


Now ofcourse there's always plenty of things we can enhance and add to which is why we'd very much appreciate it if you could share your feedback with us on the Discord Suggestions Channel:

All of your feedback is being monitored and apreciated, as it gives us an idea of what you need which we will base our decisions on what to add, or what not to add.

These suggestions of you has brought where it is at today, and as you remember, we are very happy with it! (And ofcourse, we hope you are aswell)





Now, as it has been a while since we've launched our last giveaway, we've decided to create another one for Mannco Community!

There's FREE Gift Cards in the Prize Pool so be sure to hop in and try to grab some of these while doing fun tasks, which helps and indirectly helps you as a buyer/trader on


Free Giveaway Link:



That said, we wish you all the best!!

~Mannco Staff


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