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We are hiring!

Founded in 2018, Mannco.Store has quickly become one of the greatest alternatives to Steam and other markets for buying and selling items for Team Fortress 2, Dota 2, Rust, and CsGo.

Our mission is to become the largest and most trustworthy marketplace in the market, offering a simple, quick, and secure platform for the community to sell their items.

We are always evolving and looking to provide you with new features, updates, and active support available around the clock. This is thanks to all of our hardworking staff members who devote a portion of their time each day to support and build this amazing community. You too, can be one of them!


Available Vacancies / status:

Support Staff: Open
Social Media Staff: Open
PHP, NodeJs Developer: Open



 - Be at least 16 years old; 

 - Have a Steam account that is at least 2 years old; 

 - Have played 1000+ hours on any of these games (Tf2, Csgo, Dota, Rust)

 - Prior to submitting an application, you must be a customer/user of our website for at least one month.

 - Must have a clean record with no past allegations of scamming, sharking, or other deceptive behavior. (Unless it's something very old 5+ years.) Check with an administrator to confirm if you are qualified to apply.



What do we expect from the right candidate:

Yes, this is a paid position, but before you apply, ask yourself, "Would I still apply if this was a voluntary position?" - If your answer is no, Mannco.Store might not be the place for you.

We do not expect anybody applying to seek "ostentation," money, or any other form of remuneration from working with us. Mannco.Store should not be treated as a full or part-time job or as your primary source of income. All or most of our staff members have been actively participating in the community for years, improving and learning from it. We all share something in common which is our passion for the game and our genuine willingness to give something back to it. If you don't have something motivating you to be the best of yourself and excite you about the position, money will not keep you with us.



- Demonstrate maturity and the capacity to make sound judgments under pressure;

- A"can do" attitude. You are not afraid to take on unfamiliar or new tasks; instead, you are someone who is always keen to make the first move.

- Have a solid grasp of how the platform operates and the most typical issues that arise;

- TIP: Participate in our Discord server. The greatest method for us to learn more about you and discover whether you're a good fit



Where to submit my application?


If you are interested in any of these positions, we will leave the link below where you will see all the main tasks for each position and a form with multiple questions that you should fill out and submit to us.


Support Staff form:

Social Media Staff form: 

Developer: Contact Alex (CEO)- | Discord: Alex!!#0001

When can I apply for these positions?

We receive dozens of applications each week which makes it hard for us to review or reach out to you in a timely manner. To ensure we only receive serious applications, and to not waste time with low-effort, scam, or troll applications, we will open applications 6 times a year for a period of 15 days each.

1st - 15th January / 15th- 31th March / 1st - 15th May / 15 - 31th July / 1st - 15th September / 15-30th November - This only applies to the position of Support Staff.


All applications will be reviewed by Pixxi0us ( Community Manager), who will decide if you are the right candidate whether or not. Please do not message other staff members regarding your application.

Trying to speed up the process by doing so will show lack of patience from your side which will have a negative impact on our decision on whether you're the right candidate or not.


Wishing you the best of luck in hopefully strengthening Mannco Team in the near Future!

~Mannco.Store team



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