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Strange Golden Frying Pan?! G-g-g-iveaway… Wait what!? Is this for real? Nothing is more true than this lads and gents! You might’ve noticed it by now, but yes, we are extremely proud of you, us, we, you, you: the Community. As we see more and more people getting familiar with Mannco which obviously wouldnt be without you! Thankfull is the right word, we love, that you love, that what we all like, ehh… Well, we just want to say that we appreciate all of you, whether it is you daily shopping at Mannco, hanging out in Mannco Discord, sharing feedback, suggestions or ehmm…. ehh, yeah, well, critizising us for being awesome, ehh… Like…. “not really awesome”, sometimes we need some critizers for us to get to work and create an even better service, so yeah, we also appreciate you; thanks for being here! ….And then, we have you, that hop into these juicy giveaways, Welll… We’ve got great news, just for you! We are giving away a Strange Golden Frying Pan. (If that wasnt clear by now?) Why? Well, because we want to end 2022 and start 2023 even better than 2021 / 2022 and we’re definitely 100% Golden Frying sure that rest of 2022 will be great and Pantastic! You might not know it yet, but we do, so, we reward you for that. As obviously we need you to be pantastic so we can be pantastic and we all can share a Pantastic 2022 with each other. Keep being amazing, have a nice day and moreover, cheers to an amazing continuation of the year!! PS: Quitting our discord server before the end of the giveaway will remove your chance to win.

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