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Meet the Communities

About: "Meet the Communities"

Team Fortress 2 wouldn’t be existing if there weren’t all of these amazing communities around. But, do you happen to know all these communities? Definitely not all of them, do you?

Well, search no more… In an effort to bring more awareness to these communities, we’ve decided to launch TF2’s largest Community Event. From 1 september to 18 december, we’ll be showcasing you 10 communities every single week.

These 10 communities have been submitted by user-input and they’ll have a chance to win big amounts of prize-money every week. The owners of these communities can simply choose to use it for their communities, being it to create nice content, or to giveaway solely to their community members.

DISCLAIMER: This is not an event to see which community is the best. Although this event may contain competitive aspects, the focus should be on bringing community awareness to many new communities and having fun together. None of the creators have asked for participation, they were all selected by their community members.

* Your vote accounts for $0.50 dollar for the respective community.
* Reddit polls are split in 3. Check the poll description or our Subreddit page to find the other communities participating each week!

How it works?

Users are submitting their community to the Pools by simply messaging it in {Discord Event Link}. With that community input, we create up to 8 pools of 10 communities. You got that right! So there will be a total of 80 communities at most, showcased in ''Meet the Communities''.

Every week, there will be 10 communities in a poll on Twitter, aswell as on Reddit. Everybody is able to vote on their beloved community and each vote accounts for 0.50$ in prize-money for that community. At the end of each week, the Top 3 will receive respectively atleast 100$, 50$ and 25$. On top of that, they’ll also receive 0.50$ per vote for that respective community, up to a total of 150$ / 100$ and 50$ for the top 3.

This money will be added to the owner of the community, who can decide to use it within his/her community, or simply use it in a giveaway, solely for his community to join.

Week 9, call it the ‘’Recovery Pool’’, will be filled with the top 10 voted communities of all weeks, who didn't make it to the top 3.

Semi-Finals will start on week 10, and will run for 3 weeks, showcasing a total of 27 communities. Prizes of the Semi-Finals will be higher. The Top 3 of each week will respectively receive 150$ / 100$ and 50$ and on top of that 0.50$ per vote for that respective community. Out of those 27 communities, there will be 9 winners, which will directly go the Grand-Finals.

Grand-Finals will start on week 13 which is the last week of ‘’Meet the Communities’’. Grand Finals, means, grand prizes. Therefore we’ve decided to give the Top 3 respectively 1250$ / 750$ and 500$.

There will be more than $5,000 given away during this event.

We're hoping for a fun and much-engaged event.

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