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A Blog Update is Needed!


It’s been a while…

Thats exactly your thinking, isn’t it? Yes, yes… Sorry for the (Blog)-silence. We’ll explain it, or well… We’re not able to name a single big reason that caused the blog-silence for almost half a year, however, let’s just say that it wasn’t our first priority as we’ve been working on a lot of things over the past 6 months, which really took our attention away from the most important thing, ofcourse the BLOGS!

But no worries, here we are, yet with a new-freshly-written blog, about the things we would like to share with you, about the past 6 months, and possibly some future expectations for Mannco.


December 2021…

Let’s begin where our last blog ended…. December 2021. What a year, what a month… As it’s the most festive month of the year, we knew we had to go big, obviously making it the most Mannfestive month of the year.

Thats exactly why we came up with multiple events that month such as:

-          #Tag your Fav. Youtuber;

-          Smissmas TF2 Server Event;

-          Christmas/NY’s Giveaway;

-          0% Buyer Fees 1 Week.

Let us say that we have been enjoying every single bit of those events, obviously the time & effort it takes to arrange these events is not the most attractive thing, however, the return in happiness from MannCommunity was amazing to see! So here is our promise, from now on we’ll do our Mannbest to make every year’s end, a happy festive Mannexperience!


~Happy you is happy us.



Website re-vamp

Yes, yes yes! As we’re growing in popularity we needed something new. We wanted to achieve, that every new user, who is not familiar with just TF2, and/or Discord can get answers on his questions within quickly scanning our front-page.

We wanted to create the best possible first experience for a new user. We asked ourselves what a new user would want to know, when visitting a site for the very first time.

Questions we asked ourselves were:

-          What is the site about? (buying/selling and/or trading)

-          Is the site secure/to be trusted? (reviews)

-          Is there activity on the site? (statistics/daily sales)

-          Which items/games are supported?
Which payment options are available?

-          Is there an active team behind the site? (announcements)

So with this new front-page, is to easily inform Mannconians about the go-arounds, and new Mannconinions can get answers on their questions quite quickly.


Introducing Public Giveaways

Then someone from our Manncommunity suggested us a feature we should really add, which basically was, a giveaway system where users could create their very own giveaways.

We’ve looked into this and thought it was a really good idea as an addition to Therefore, we started building and introduced Public Giveaways in February 2022.

We have more features in mind for the Public Giveaways in the future, so stay tuned for that.

Currently you're able to join giveaways and create giveaways.


If you want to be pinged on every newly created giveaway, get the #Giveaway Ping role in our Discord on #giveaway.


Strange Golden Frying Pan Giveaway

As for our promise to make every year’s end a Happy Festive Mannexperience? Well… We already started with a little sneak-peek… Little, you say!?

 This Golden Frying Pan, turns everybody you hit to MannHallah to 24-carat GOLD!

Not only that, it’s worth more plenty of cars, boats and did you hear about these 1$ homes? No? Well… After winning this, you’re able to buy more than 5000 of these.

You heard that right.. This Golden Pan is worth more than 5000$.


What do you have to do? Well, a simple FREE click is enough to have a (miniscule) chance at winning this beauty.

What if………

Join here:




Charity – Mann vs Marathon

In March 2022 we were approached by a TF2 Youtuber who wanted to host a charity for helping those suffering from war. Mann vs Marathon it was, collecting money for the British-Red-Cross – Operation Ukraine.

A 48-hour stream with youtubers to raise funds.

There was not much time to prepare, but we created a page so that it’s easier for us to support these kind of charities in the future.

We’re happy to hear that more money has been raised, than the initial goal of Mann vs Marathon. Feel blessed if you are living in a country which isn’t at war. Those in war know what it’s like to have no freedom, it must be horrible.


Know that Mannco is always happy to support (charity)-events / content creators and/or tournaments!

~Feel free to contact us at anytime through a support ticket.



Currency conversion and Unlimited bot space.

With all these different nationalities on Mannco, we’ve been requested to add ‘’Currency-Conversions’’ so many times, which we finaly did. It’s not that we don’t want to add things, however, we always have to choose between 10’s if not 100’s of tasks.

Obviously, if possible, we would like to add everything we have in mind within a single day, however, that’s not realistic.

We hope you Mannconians are happy with the amount of updates we’re frequently rolling out as we’re literally working around the clock to bring you the best experience each and everyday.


As Mannco was growing rapidly still, we couldn’t stick with our current ‘’bots-adding-plan’’ as it simply was to slow for the growth we faced each and everyday.

Our goal was to have as many bots as needed, so that we could simply allow unlimited deposits for Mannconians.

Now that we have over 250 bots on, we’re able to host over 750.000 (TF2) Items, which currently is enough to allow unlimited deposits, which we now do.

Hope you are happy with that decision. We can imagine that some were dissapointed about this decision, as they bought shelf space before. See it as a Big Giveaway to all Mannconians though, rather than comparing your situation to someone elses.


New Payout Methods!

Oh yeah, much requested, if not (on average) requested on a daily bases… We have now added 600+ Giftcard Payout Methods across the globe, such as Amazon, Google, Spotify, Google Play, Nike, and many more.

Check it out here:

Besides that, we are looking to add a whole lot of other payout methods soon, such as Visa/MasterCard, PayPal, Bank Transfer and more. We are in the process of adding these, and are waiting for approval.

Stay Tuned!!


MannWeekly Events with Prizes!

Yes, yes, yes. As our (Discord) Community is growing by a boatload, as in really, almost, if not more than doubled over the past months, we thought of doing something to get Mannconians more happy and engaged.

That is why our Staff is now currently holding Weekly Events such as:

-          - Art submissions;

-          - Meme-contests;

-          - Freeze-cam-contests;

-          - Emoji-contests;

-          - TF2-Highlights.

Feel free to join these events in the Discord at anytime. Good luck winning those prizes!




Oh Mann.. Mann.. Mann… This was something big, as in… Really big big! We are truly happy to see what the TF2 Community is able to achieve, when we are coming together.

Gaming should be fun, and when we see TF2 gameplay being almost unplayable because of bots ruining almost every single server out there, that is when gaming is everything, except funny.

It’s nothing new that something has to be done, and actually had to be done a long time ago. Who knows how many players left because of the no longer funny part of TF2.

It’s not to late though, as we’ve seen massive engagement on this #SaveTF2, trending everywhere humanly possible, the biggest content creators talking about it, we’ve let Valve know that the TF2 Community is still here, and we want them to work on fixing these bot issues.


#SaveTF2 has brought so many eyes on TF2 which brought in loads of new players. Now is the time for Valve to fix it, so that everybody can enjoy playing TF2 again, because the TF2 Community is still here and we do deserve that!

Read more about the #SaveTF2 here:

We are happy to see that TeamFortress2 tweeted the following: ‘’TF2 Community, we hear you! We love this game and know you do, too. We see how large this issue has become and are working to improve things.’’

Let us say to everyone of you who joined and did your part. We are more than PROUD! <3

Now give them some time to improve, things are not fixed within a day. Obviously don't harrass any of the team, as it'll only distract them from doing their work. Fixing these issues take time, especially if you want to do it the right way. We as a community have let Valve know that it’s enough, let’s see what they’ll come up with in the coming weeks/months.


Now… Would you want to see our own Servers in TF2?

If so, let us know in the comments, and also let us know what kind of game-modes you’d like to see.


Feel free to suggest your idea’s in our Discord on: #suggestions.


That said, we will continue to build on Mannco every minute of the day and are happy with you as our beloved Mannconians!


~Mannco Staff Team


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