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The Journey of the most sold item on ever….


The Journey of the all-time currency..

Well, well, well my lads… This is not just some journey you hear about on a way to neat birthday on an average weekend day. No, no, no... it’s the journey about the most sold item on; moreover, the all-time currency of Team Fortress 2 Trading.

Other items that were used as currency's back then, such as the Bill's Hat, the Earbuds and the Max's Head didn't survive as currency but......


You guessed right! Today we’re looking at the Mann Co. Supply Crate Key, which has kept and still keeps Team Fortress 2 Trading alive for years and years.

While its actually made to open crates in Team Fortress 2 in which you can get a list of items and a special valuable Unusual item, it’s way more used as a currency in the Team Fortress Trading Scene.

Thousands of keys have been gone from user to user while not even having openend a single crate or case. Traders simply make a profit(or even a living) by buying these cheap keys, trading them for discounted items(unusuals) and selling those for cash on again.


But why is it this currency that is being sold so many times on on a daily bases? Has it always been like that?

We’ll take you through the journey of the Mann Co. Supply Crate Key on

Since the very beginning of, somewhere late August 2018, the Mann Co. Supply Crate Key was being sold around 200 times a day.

Since then was already selling the lowest priced keys you could find. Simply because has very low commission which makes Traders sell their items for lower which results in cheaper items, aswell as keys, on

However, as not that many people knew about it, 200 avg key sales per day was usual at that time. Around half 2019 it slowly rised from 200 to about 500 key sales a day on average.

As we we’re looking for more and more payment methods it resulted in more people being able to actually buy keys. On some days that time, we were selling 1000 keys which was big for us at that time.

Things changed and more and more people got to know for buying Mann Co. Supply Crate Keys which, in the beginning of 2020, resulted in around 1000 keys being sold on a daily average. Looking at where we were a year ago at that time, that was a enormous change in selling amounts.

It  basically was a growth of 500% of sales. Not to mention we had some (big) troubles going on now and then which we had to fix to keep everything going, while keeping that average day sales pace.


1500 on an average day...

However, we thought that still a lot of people didn’t know about and especially its Keys. Besides, we were updating our cashout system as much as possible so that cashouts were processed within the 24 hours after they were requested, which made the money available for traders as fast as possible so that they could re-invest again.

Then we slowly rised to 1500 key sales a day on average. We made Payoneer Cashouts available which are cheaper than any other service, and easily transferable. Since then we’ve seen most of the users switch to Payoneer.

We made sure that traders could get their money as fast as possible which made us recently add a ‘’Instant Cashout System’’ which is immediately processing your cashout and results in you having the money within 5 minutes after requesting.


23rd October 2020

And now…. What we’re looking at now is what we’re really proud of. We’ve put in a lot of work and time to always keep the sales going, even though we had to fix problems that occured, which weren’t always the easiest but...

At this point we’re looking at a record amount of 7623 key sales on 23 october 2020 with an amount of 4000+ average key sales a day, over the past 10 days counting from the 23rd.

Ofcourse this may be because of the latest updates that Team Fortress 2 threw in, however, we’re hoping that we can keep up the pace and make more and more people aware of the Cheap Keys that has to offer.


Are you a thief of your own pocket?

However, it’s not only that; we’re looking at more and more traders who are selling their unusuals on, and when sold, buying keys for even more cheaper on, which makes their profitting even more from their unusual sales.

Simple mathmetics tells you that buying 100 keys on costs you 167$, while buying them on the SCM costs you 237$. If you would spend 237$ on, that would give you 41 extra keys. Aren't you a thief of your own pocket, if you're not purchasing the cheapest available items?


Proud of our Community

We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t our community that gave us feedback and ideas to work on. Therefore we would like to thank all of you for doing so, and are hoping you will keep on giving us feedback even though its not always that nice. ;-)

Our customer support is as active as possible and will help you through your (neverending^^) journey on You can simply ask any question there and we’re ready to help you every day of the year and century ;-)

Also, if you would like to see a blog about something in particular, leave your feedback and we’ll see what we can do.


Big Giveaway Incoming!

Oh... before we forget... One more thing! We're now making everything ready for a serious big giveaway that we'll be hosting very very soon.

Winning that giveaway could be the very start of your journey as a (successful) trader..... We wish you the best of luck!

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