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Hold onto your hats, folks! Things are about to get seriously hot. We know you have been waiting. Waiting for that next big thing… That thing that quickly regenerades your endorphine level to where it was when you just found out about our Golden Frying Pan Giveaway…. And we are sorry, we really are. We’ve kept you waiting for way to long… Thinking about it, way too long even.. Its been more than a month, right? More than 30 days even… But, we’re not messing around.. We have been thinking about something different. We feel like a 5000$ item for a single giveaway is just a bit to much out of comfort for us, so we thought about something different this time…. …Something to bring your bloody hats on fire That's right, is cranking up the heat with a brand new giveaway that's sure to set the competition ablaze! Our last golden pan giveaway was a raging success, with over 30,000 people joining in on the excitement. Our community has grown by leaps and bounds, and we're not slowing down anytime soon. For those of you who know us, you know we don't like to do things halfway. That's why we're taking things to the next level with this new giveaway. Get ready for the ultimate inferno as we're giving away a BURNING FLAMES Team Captain - TF2’s Most Iconic Hat of all times and the hottest and most expensive item in the game! We are very proud to be hosting the biggest giveaway ever done in the entire tf2 history. But for such an amazing community like you, we couldnt really justify any less. So, bring your fireproof gear and get ready to HIT that JOIN button, or we’ll delete the Burning Team Captain.


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